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3 Ways to Create More Space Without Adding Square Footage

May 8


Space is a crucial factor when it comes to the home you live in. Maybe you'd like to build an extra bedroom or home office. Perhaps you're an older person in need of an area to entertain your family and friends. There are a variety of options to satisfy your space requirements. While a home addition may increase the space available but it could also cost a lot. There are three options for creating more space in your house without increasing the area. It's incredible how much space you have within the walls of your home. Contractors for remodeling in Phoenix are required.

Complete your basement and attic

A garage, basement, or attic could all be completed in lieu of an extension. The foundation and the roof are among the most costly components of any extension to your home. Both of these are installed already in the area in which you reside. A huge basement that is not finished and is large enough to allow the user to move about comfortably could be converted into a brand new flooring. When the basement is completed there is a myriad of possibilities to use it as a living space. It could start with a family-friendly area as well as a gym or playroom for your grandkids and grandchildren or even a basement gym.


It is possible to look up at your attic even if you do not have an attic. While it might not appear to be much, if your attic is accessible via stairs, you could find the ideal solution to your desire for an office at home or a bedroom. These rooms could add lots of square feet to your home since they are equipped with all the required walls and floors, roofs, and floors. While finishing a room might not be as complicated as adding a new room to your house It is essential to find a reputable contractor to renovate your Phoenix home.


Takedown walls in the interior

Take a look at the design of your house If you're not getting enough room in your attic or basement or you'd like to expand the space of one of your main floors, think about the layout. Are there any walls that you are able to live with? It is possible to open up rooms and increase the space by taking down walls. This is especially beneficial when your kitchen has to be expanded if you have small spaces that you'd like to transform into larger ones, or seeking to expand your living space and increase the sense of space.


There are two kinds of walls: load-bearing walls and non-load-bearing ones. There is a way to take down both load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls. It is simpler to take out interior walls that aren't supporting the structural integrity of your home. It is recommended to consult with trusted Arizona home remodelers to decide the walls you should remove according to the design of your home.

Convert under-utilized space

Take a look at the space you are using. Are you using it efficiently? There's a good chance that there are spaces in your home which aren't being utilized effectively. It is also possible to add storage space to smaller spaces on the second floor of your house or the closet isn't used often to set up an office at home with a desk with built-in shelves.


It is also possible to reuse bigger spaces. There may be an unoccupied guest room that's seldom used. It could be transformed into an exercise room or playroom at home or vice versa when you're hosting many guests, or your children are getting older. A whole room could be turned into a multi-purpose living space that includes a dining space and entertainment area on one side. There are many home improvements within the walls that you have. To complete Phoenix Home Remodeling, you require the assistance of a professional.


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