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Interior Painting in Dublin

Dec 4

1Do You Need Interior Painting Service in Dublin?

A building interior is the most important part of a building. It’s the only space where people can enjoy their time within the home environment. A good interior design can change people’s moods quickly in a positive way. Refreshing interior color can play a long-lasting effect on your good health. If the interior painting is better, you will be enjoying a swift life while smiling happily.

As the interior painting is this important, it only makes sense that you choose the most experienced person to handle the job. Painting In Colour provides the best quality interior painting services in Dublin. We are fast, reliable, & expert at our job for providing clean, comfortable, & innovative interior painting service for you.

Painting In Colour is a popular name in the streets of Dublin as it has been serving quality painting services for the house interior on more than hundreds of pretty houses in Dublin. We assure quality customer service for a decade. In-house for several years.

Stressless Interior Painting in Dublin

We know interior painting is a challenging job that becomes a headache for you. There are so many things in your building interior that you could lose the counts several times already. It’s painful and we know that.

That’s why Painting In Colour brings experts to inspect your home interior through & through without leaving a single item. We do the harsh job so that you won’t have to stress over that. 

Have trust, we will take care of your house well. After we finish the job, our team leader will hand over everything in your interior in one piece. Our commitments are our key to business. We are popular due to our quality services.

We Are Professionals

Painting In Colour is made by a team of highly trained painters in Dublin. We are professional, capable of handling all kinds of interiors, & provide the best clean-up service in Dublin. 

We work from our experiences and we know how to respect our clients. That’s why we do the painting job diligently and you can enjoy a fresh new look of your interior. Also, we clean up after our job, leaving not a single nail behind. Your job is our responsibility.

Safety Is Our Number One Priority

Interior painting jobs involve rough works which may cause bruises or harm sometimes. We don’t want our clients to see us mess up at work. Also, we intend to protect our team from anything odd during work. That’s why we’ve taken safety measures to prevent any unnecessary events-

  • Well-equipped team with safety gears
  • Masks & filters for the painters
  • Proper compensation for unexpected situations
  • OSHA complaint
  • Highly-trained supervisor to take care of the team
  • Properly stored tools & materials

We take pride in our services & safety measures at work. Our team of painters in Dublin is the best as well as trained properly. We guarantee a clean job with no one hurt from either side. Safety is our priority.

Dust-free Interior Painting in Dublin With The Best Equipment

Good painting involves a lot of sanding the wall surfaces. Normally, it will create a heap load of dust & fumes in your interior, leaving dust particles in every corner of the house as well as breathing problems for the people inside.

Painting In Colour brings the most advanced tools at work that can perform dustless sanding jobs with ease. Most of our equipment is expensive and top-quality from the market. We have dust remover vacs for all the tools we generally use for interior painting.

For the records, we clean all scratches, cracks, nail marks, & dentures on your interior walls and finish them with a smooth paint layer. No room for imperfections.

Best Paint For Your Breathtaking Interior

Painting In Colour works with the best painters as well as the best paints in Dublin. While cheap paints have a poor finishing quality, they don’t last long. You can see peeling & bubbling within a week or two after painting with the two-bit paints.

But we don’t do that in Dublin. We mostly use Fleetwood and Johnstone’s paints that are brought from their local vendor. These paints cost a bit more but have the quality to significantly improve your interior visuals. Plus, they won’t be fading soon and some can last more than 5 years. Awesome, right?

Also, we avoid paints with toxic substances for our & clients safety. As natural pigments produce better color contrast than synthetic colors, we are prone to use them in all of our paint works. So, no risk of getting infected by the paints.

Affordable Interior Painting Dublin Service

Most paint jobs cost a lot. Occasionally, they may cost double the estimated price if there are damages to the paint surface of your interior. This proves complications for the people who have to endure this torment.

The good news is, Painting In Colour is the most budget-friendly painting service in the vicinity of Dublin. We adore our customers more than any monetary profits. Our expert consulates will discuss with you to minimize the total cost for interior renovation and ensure maximum efficiency.

So, it’s a win-win deal for you. Plus, we have no hidden charges or whatever the reason for your discomfort. We don’t like to extort money from the clients. We love building trust.

Our high-quality interior painting services include:

  • Fresh new look with appropriate interior painting designs
  • All surface interior painting
  • Dustless sanding, polishing, & stain removal
  • Interior wall repairs including nail marks, dentures, loss of plasters, etc.
  • Hand-painted kitchens, drawing room at client’s wish
  • Super-fine finish leaving absolutely zero paint drops on the floor

Besides, we paint all doors, cabinets, ceilings, drywalls, etc. We also remove the popcorn ceiling & chalkboards before starting the interior painting in Dublin.

Our Expertise

Painting In Colour is a Dublin based interior painting service that includes offices, homes, schools, and other residential and commercial painting buildings. We develop ideas and designs just according to the theme while adding a touch of grace and elegance. The final look will exceed your expectations every single time and that is our promise!

Additionally, we are punctual and like to maintain proper business time from the start till the end of our service. Our team members don’t slack off at work and they have highly-trained physic to work constantly during the working hours.

Additional Services

Painting In Colour has a broad worker network that can achieve any kind of work challenges without any trouble. We have trained manpower in different areas of services where we can supply plasterers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, etc. We only move the other teams upon necessary as per the job.


There is nothing more satisfying than a beautifully decorated home. Whether you want to transform your flat into the perfect pied-a-terre, or are looking for ways to make your office more welcoming and comfortable, our interior painting services in Dublin will help provide an elegant finish that’s bound to impress you and anyone who sets foot in it.

Lay your eyes on the completed job done by our expert painters in Dublin. We take the credit for displaying these walls on our page while gaining the trust of our customers. Your satisfaction is our profit.

Painting in Colour interior paintings services include:

  • Interior painting for homes, offices, and schools.
  • Interior painting ceilings, walls, and other surfaces.
  • Interior design consulting to help you make the most of your space.
  • Painting exterior house paint service as well as commercial buildings such as shopping centers, restaurants, or hotels. Painting In Colour is dedicated to providing high-quality work at affordable prices with a guarantee that it will last!

Prepare To Receive Our Interior Painting Service In Dublin Painting In Colour is a professional interior painting service provider that requires less preparation on the client’s side. While you don’t have to prepare anything big, just some small things will suffice-

  • Prepare enough room for our tools trailer to park on your foothold.
  • Provide access to the doors & chambers inside your house that fell under the interior painting job.
  • Keep away from the work area as much as possible
  • Turn off heaters, geysers, & other electronics.

That’s all you can do before we start the prep. Also, you can stay home while we are doing the interior painting job.

How We Start Our Job

Our professional painters in Dublin will come prepared for the interior painting service. You don’t need to do anything and let us handle everything. Let’s learn what we will be doing at the job site-

  • Cover everything that isn’t a part of the interior painting work with thick plastic sheets and non-adhesive tapes.
  • Clean the total interior part properly before starting the paint job as well as dry the surface before applying the former.
  • Remove any unwanted part from the interior asked by the client as a part of the prep.
  • We only apply paints if all the paintable surfaces are cleaned, cleared, and dry. Also, we don’t use synthetics to supplement the amount of paint needed for the interior painting job.


Painting In Colour is well known for its high-quality services in Dublin. Although we maintain a strict safety protocol for every job we undertake, some precautions provide a better working environment for us & the client.

  • Please don’t stray near the surfaces after the paint is applied.
  • Don’t inhale paints, please ask for safety masks before entering the spray room.
  • Remove any delicate items, glass items, expensive decor, & expensive items from the interior before we start the paintwork.
  • Don’t let your children near the painting tools to prevent any unwanted accidents.

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